Dear Esteemed Business Leaders,

As we navigate the complexities of today’s landscape, we find ourselves amidst an ‘and’ universe, where strategic foresight is as critical as short-term gains, and where profitability aligns with sustainable growth, while innovation and tradition coexist. Our success hinges on our ability to navigate these intertwined elements effectively.

In this era, change is not merely a concept; it is the essence of life itself. Economic shifts, political agendas, intensifying competition, and evolving demographics continually shape our landscape. Technological advancements and innovation serve as catalysts, driving perpetual change that permeates both the business world and our daily lives.

Amidst this dynamic backdrop, organizations face myriad challenges and opportunities. From operational inefficiencies to competitive threats, from shifting customer demands to legislative mandates, the need for transformation becomes evident. Triggered by either financial pressures, market shifts, or strategic imperatives, transformation is both a necessity and an opportunity.

Embarking on transformative journeys, organizations undertake activities such as forging strategic alliances, embracing innovation, restructuring operations, or undertaking digital transformation to ensure survival and long-term sustenance.

Recognizing the imperative for change is the first step. Whether it’s the quest for new revenue streams, enhanced customer experience, or operational excellence, organizations must navigate change with agility and foresight.

To thrive in this dynamic environment, our organizations must not only define clear and measurable objectives but also execute them with agility and effectiveness in mind. At the heart of transformation lies the recognition that change encompasses both technical and human dimensions. Effective change management, coupled with project management principles, becomes paramount. By providing the necessary tools, processes, and support, change management enables individuals and teams to adapt and thrive amidst uncertainty.

Leadership, strategy, innovation, change management, and culture emerge as indispensable pillars for sustainable success. To achieve successful transformation and alignment towards our strategic direction, a holistic approach is vital. This means integrating those pillars aptly.

Strategy provides direction, but effective change management ensures smooth adaptation and execution. Culture shapes how change is embraced and adopted, while innovation drives growth. Leadership plays a pivotal role in driving change and cultivating the right culture for growth by setting the tone, inspiring action, and fostering accountability. By aligning these pillars, organizations can accelerate transformation and achieve their strategic goals effectively.

Success in this paradigm demands the ability to make balanced and effective choices, supported by competent and transformative leadership teams. These teams require a robust “management system,” one that not only ensures effectiveness, but also adapts seamlessly to evolving conditions.

As leaders, it is incumbent upon us to not only envision the future but also to navigate the complexities of change with clarity and conviction. By embracing transformation as a journey towards growth and innovation, we can chart a course for enduring success in an ever-evolving landscape. A well-rounded expertise as the companion of leadership and an agile approach are essential for navigating the complexities of change effectively.

We employ a structured Novida 5-Steps© approach, partnering with organizations to guide them through every stage of the transformation journey. From setting strategic direction, to clarifying objectives and goals, identifying transformational areas, designing new solutions, and executing disciplined strategies, we are committed to achieving tangible results together.

The Novida 5-Steps© framework is the cornerstone of all our transformational solutions.

Figure 1. Novida 5-Steps (5-S) Framework

Depending on an organization’s priorities, needs, and focus, we may engage in either total transitional or transformational efforts or shift and deepen our understanding and offerings in selective domains, for example:

  • Top of Form
  • Strategic Direction Setting and Planning
  • Business/Marketing Strategy Development
  • Business Model Development
  • Governance and Organizational Structure
  • Business/Functional Transformation: Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources…
  • Customer and Partner Experience, Stakeholder Engagement
  • Operational (Value Chain) Excellence
  • OCM (Organizational Change Management) for Digital Transformation
  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Engagement and Talent Management
  • Cultural Transformation…

We complement our transformation consulting solutions with:

  • agile and effective (AI-enabled) Workshops by Novida Global©
  • dream2live® Design Workshops for creative and new idea and concept development
  • dream2digital© Digital Transformation design and Roadmapping
  • Novhow® Cultural Transformation Programs



  • We commence with an understanding of your organization’s business environment: e.g., market conditions, industry dynamics, and the competitive landscape.
  • We examine your company’s context: eg. market positioning and interactions, competitive challenges, stakeholder relationships, product portfolio, governance, organizational structure, operations, business and financial performance, and cultural climate.
  • We meticulously analyze available data, documents, and reports, supplementing our insights with interviews and focus group sessions.
  • Additionally, we solicit valuable feedback and insights from key stakeholders, including investors, customers, partners, employees, and suppliers.
  • This collaborative approach ensures alignment between your transformation objectives and (AS IS) organizational realities, facilitating informed decision-making and impactful initiatives.


  • Based on the insight gathered at Step 1. Detection, we conduct Novida Organizational Alignment© Analysis, assessing 9 dimensions of the Novida Management System©.

Figure 2. Novida Management System

  • We perform a Value Chain Analysis to provide deeper insights into the organization’s operational dynamics, including workflows and information flow. This helps identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement throughout the entire value creation process.
  • Simultaneously, we conduct a SWOT Analysis to identify your competencies, development areas, opportunities, and market threats.
  • We determine strategic areas for transformation, including market engagement, brand positioning, operational efficiency, organizational structure, and cultural evolution.
  • We determine why transformation is imperative for your organization. This entails discerning the precise nature of required changes, gauging their scope and depth, and evaluating existing change initiatives.
  • This holistic approach enables us to paint an accurate picture of your organization’s current standing.
  • This reveals the embodiment of transformation readiness and journey, highlighting areas of success and potential improvement.
  • Based on these findings and your maturity level, we tailor and suggest (TO BE) development solutions to your specific needs and context.


  • We collaborate with you to develop new and creative concepts that complement or expand upon our suggestions.
  • Our dynamic dream2live® Design Workshops are conducted in an agile and participative manner and enhanced with AI technology.
  • Here, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate creative and innovative concepts, which could range from strategic alternatives to products, solutions, projects, initiatives, spaces, events, or else.
  • These concepts are then transformed into program/project scenarios.


  • It’s time for us to become your trusted companion as you navigate the development and implementation of your tailored roadmap, customized to align with your organizational goals and context.
  • This roadmap may encompass holistic organizational, business/function, or domain-specific transformations, depending on your requirements, as agreed initially.
  • Our approach to roadmap development revolves around the principles of the Novida 4E© Transformation Model, which prioritizes enthusiasm, engagement, experience, and effectiveness.

Figure 3. Novida 4E Transformation Model

  • The model ensures that stakeholders are motivated, engaged, and satisfied, and that transformation efforts are effective in achieving desired benefits and outcomes.
  • Just as a doctor meticulously crafts a prescription tailored to a patient’s needs, your roadmap serves as a detailed implementation plan, outlining activities, performance goals, timing, and ownership.
  • Like a prescription, it’s customized to address your organization’s unique challenges and goals, providing clear guidance on how to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • With your roadmap in hand, you’ll have a precise course of action to follow, ensuring each step is taken with purpose and clarity.


  • The execution of planned programs and approaches is often the most challenging aspect of transformation. It requires dedicated, consistent, and disciplined change and transformation management efforts.
  • Furthermore, ensuring required behaviors, attitudes, norms, and values are adopted by people and culture is transitioned to a future state to ensure the long-lasting impact of change, requires effective change management expertise.
  • In this stage, we collaboratively define the roles and requirements for Novida Global experts, tailored to the scope, scale, and needs of the transformational project and the capacities of your organization.
  • Throughout this stage, we can provide comprehensive support through, e.g., consultancy, advisory, mentorship, coaching, training, interim management, change management, workshop design and delivery, or project design and management services.

Are you ready to transform your organization with Novida Global‘s transformative solutions?

By partnering with us, you unlock the power of strategic guidance, tailored roadmaps, and expert support. Let’s embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and sustainable success together!

Please feel free to contact us to discover the value we can bring to your organization.


Işık Deliorman, MA, CCMPTM

Founder & CEO
Novida Global