Privacy Policy

Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co. shows utmost respect and care for industrial, commercial, intellectual, property and privacy rights. In this respect, we would like to inform you about the below Terms of ‘Use and Privacy Policy’:

1.        The “domain” and “IP” addresses of  our website visitors are automatically recorded. This information does not personally identify the users; it only contains the information of the computer that is used to access our website.  We may send “cookie” files from our servers to the browsers of our website users in order to get information on the usage of our website and to provide better services by keeping track of their interest areas. A ‘cookie’ is a small file that contains a series of characters sent to your computer, when you visit a website.     

2.       Personal information provided by users are used to communicate with them individually or collectively; in order to inform them about the innovations and developments on our products, services, tools and equipments; to provide subscription confirmation; to enable participation in competitions/campaigns; to provide the right to use or buy products, services, tools and equipment. This information, correspondingly, can be used to notify our users about the products and services we consider to be appropriate for them or about the products of our partners or other companies who would like to offer priviledged services for them. To be able to use the users’ information in this way, their approvals is being asked during our website subscription registration. In the same way, users who do not want to receive e-mails, can be exempt from invdividual or collective e-mail messaging on our company news, announcements, updates, information on our products and/or services, etc,.. by clicking the “unsubscribing” link any time.

3.       As the information obtained, indicate where and what purpose our website is used; it can be utilized to improve our website and our services, by understanding the coverage area and purpose and means of use. The data provided by our website users can be used for business purposes and for statistical (eg. propensity to use, trend analysis, satisfaction, etc.) studies by categorizing as a whole group or particular groups.

4.      Users’ private data can be stored in database or can be used in operations and applications either on a domestic or overseas basis. Users, by authorizing use of their information, will also be accepting their personal information to be stored and processed in different geographies.

5.       Users’ private information can be shared with third parties offering technology and communications infrastructure services for our company, administrative services, public relations and/or advertising services et al, banks and courier/shipment companies et al mediating your orders and payments. However, those companies do not have the authority to share the information of users’. For your safety and protection of your private data, we as Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co., do not keep any credit card, payment and account information under our own technological infrastructure; instead, such information is stored and secured in an encrypted way by our service provider.

6.      Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co. utilizes the necessary procedures and technological infrastructure and does the necessary updates on time, to secure the users’ private information and to prevent its use by unauthorized individuals and organizations.

7.       Users cannot upload brands, names, symbols, icons, information, documents, methods, tools, equipment, articles, scripts, sayings, images, drawings, figures, visual materials, photos, videos, games, sounds and other intellectual products of which the copyright belongs to other companies or for commercial/promotional purposes without the knowledge and consent of Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co. Additionally, users cannot add infected files, codes and other harmful content that are against the laws of Republic of Turkey or of human-rights violating, harassing, malign, assaulting, insulting, harmful or vicious nature. Users are ultimately responsible from any kind content in the form of messages, comments, etc. that they add in our website. Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co. reserves the right to check, modify or delete any content.

8.      In case of a legitimate request, the private information of users provided under the above-mentioned conditions, may be shared with public institutions such as prosecution or police department for legal or financial scrutiny or inspections concerning legal processes, fraud investigations, etc. for definite or particular occasions.

9.      Novida Strategic Management Services Trade Ltd. Co. reserves the right to change any clause in  “Use and Privacy Policy” mentioned herewith.

10.   In case of any change or hand-over in ownership of the company and/or any transfer of private information or use a different “Use and Privacy Policy”, users will duly be informed in advance.                             

11.     Please feel free to forward your questions or any comments related to “Use and Privacy Policy” to the e-mail address: