Business Development

Market Insights for Smart Decisions

Grow Your Business, Value, Share & Brand with Effective & Actionable Market Insight:
– Current & Evolving Environmental Forces
– Market Demographics & Size
– Market & Industrial Outlook & Trends
– Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
– Buyer/User Profile, Needs & Preferences
– Market Entry Barriers
– Market Opportunities
– Market Projections

Reinforce your Business with Solid Market Insight & Intelligence to Make Informed & Healthy Decisions:
– Market Value
– Brand Awareness
– Go-To-Market Strategies
– New/Niche Markets
– Innovation Opportunities
– New Product/Service/Business Model Development
– Target Audience
– Value Proposition & Messaging
– Customer Experience
– Marketing Campaigns & Initiatives
– Pricing Strategies
– Investments & Financial Resources
– Revenue Sources
– Business/Digital Transformation

Market Research

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Build Your Marketing Strategy

Position Intelligently & Strategically with Omni-Channel Marketing
Be an Entrepreneur, Start-Up, Private Business, NGO, Public Organization or Aim (eg. enforcing or new) at developing your Marketing Strategies for:
– Company Establishment
– Alignment with Corporate Strategies
– New Business
– New Products
– New Markets
– New (Distribution) Channels
– New Partnerships
– Re-organization of Marketing
– Business/Digital Transformation…

Build Your Tailored & Actionable Marketing Strategies, by:
– Performing SWOT Analysis and Opportunities Assessment
– Developing Buyer (Current/Future) Personas
– Creating USP/Value Propositions
– Suggesting for 7P+s of Marketing
– Advising on Strategic Positioning & Messaging
– Devising your end-to-end Marketing Strategies
– Suggesting Marketing Programs & Campaigns
– Compiling all in 1-Pager Marketing Story for ease of communication

Marketing Strategy Development

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Develop New Business/Markets

With Novida Safe® Business/Market Development Services, you can:
• Export/Import Products and Solutions
• Develop New Business
• Enter into New Markets
• B2B Match with Buyers, Channels or Sellers
• Create Channels
• Establish Business Partnerships.

Novida Safe® Business/Market Development

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Business (Go-To-Market) Model and Business Development

Design How You will Reach Your Target Audience with your Products, Services and Solutions, in a way that is both Sustainable and Profitable.Additionally, how about creating an innovative Business Model that ensures the maximum benefit creation from growth-oriented activities like strategy, R&D, customer experience, or business development?

Business (Go To Market) Model will enlighten your way forward. We will co-:
. design Business Model with a brief cost & revenue input
. develop Full Business Model with cost, revenue & profit analysis
. develop Innovative Business Model, by utilizing one of valuable Guides, eg.:
– Blue Ocean Strategy (W. Chan Kim)
– Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs (Brian Quinn)
– The Business Model Navigator (Gassmann, et al.).

Workshops by Novida Global

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