Our Story

‘‘We started off with the passion of ‘Illuminating The Way Forward and Becoming Your Companion In Realizing Your Inspirations of Growth’.

Growth of people, start-ups, businesses and institutions, hence enhancement of our world, is our greatest ideal!

The name Novida, indicating knowledge and innovation, has originated from the coalescence of words ‘nova’ and ‘ida’.

We witness ‘nova’ in the etymological roots of ‘knowledge’ underlying the capacity of knowing, understanding or being aware of facts; and ‘innovation’ underlying the novelty, renovation, transformation into new or something new.

In astronomy, Nova as well represents ‘the suddenly glittering star’ in the sky. Witnessing such a star connotes that an explosion accompanying a transformation has embodied that star.

It has now evolved into a brand new star.

‘ida’ on the other hand, refers to the initials of Işık Deliorman Aydın, who is known with effective labour in business world.

The Word ‘ida’ has at the same time been inspired by the ‘Mountain of Ida’ in Marmara Region, known as the ‘place of birth of Zeus, the King of Gods’ in mythology. As is, it can be considered that ‘ida’ reflects impact and determination in professional life.

Moreover, ‘ideae’ immanent in the concepts of ‘information’ and ‘idéa’ in Ancient Greek, is the representative of innovation.

‘Novida’, through all those meanings, is the symbol of transformation and realization of effective outcomes by means of combining innovative ideas and approaches with a professional business conduct and knowledge!

Enjoy the Journey!