Internationalization Solutions

Novida Safe Internationalization Solutions, if you would like to Develop New Business, Export, Doing Business Internationally, Access/Go-To New Markets, B2B Matching and Make Investments that you can Foresee Their Return:

Analysis of related international market, industrial domain, competitive forces, target audience/consumer requirements, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of the Entrepreneurship/Enterprise/Investment for the Country or Region to develop business, to export, to access into.

Development of Access/Go-To International Market and Business Development strategic choices, suggestion and clarification of best fit strategies;

Development of Business (Go-To Market) Model supporting strategies (eg. target audiences, value proposition, product/service portfolio, distribution channels, business development and marketing strategies, key activities, key partnerships, cost model and revenue streams)

Effectively Enabling Your Market Entry, Export, B2B Matching, Business Development strategies.

Performing feasibility and applicability analysis studies;

Definition of the best fit Business (Go-To Market) Model.

Informing on and meeting with Export Incentives, Grants and Support for Access-to International markets, Investors, Investment Funds, International Funds, Tenders and Calls;

Project development;

Providing support in project supervision and management domains.

Performing financial, capacity, operational, organizational and marketing planning to realize the Internationalization strategies and Business (Go-To-Market) Model;

Designing Value Chain and Customer Experience and

Providing consultancy and business solutions in the realization phase;

Providing consultancy in the implementation of Distribution Channels/Franchising, etc.