Novida is,
EBRD BAS (Business Advisory Solutions) Provider.
EU-Funded Inno-4-AgriFood Consultant.
TURQUALITY® Accredited Management Consultant.

Internationalization Solutions

Novida Internationalization Solutions, if you would like to Develop New Business, Export, Doing Business Internationally, Access/Go-To New Markets and Make Investments that you can Foresee Their Return:

Analysis of related international market, industrial domain, competitive forces, target audience/consumer requirements, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of the Entrepreneurship/Enterprise/Investment for the Country or Region to develop business, to export, to access into.

Development of Access/Go-To International Market and Business Development strategic choices, suggestion and clarification of best fit strategies;

Development of Business (Go-To Market) Model supporting strategies (eg. target audiences, value proposition, product/service portfolio, distribution channels, business development and marketing strategies, key activities, key partnerships, cost model and revenue streams)

Performing feasibility and applicability analysis studies;

Definition of the best fit Business (Go-To Market) Model.

Informing on and meeting with Export Incentives, Grants and Support for Access-to International markets, Investors, Investment Funds, International Funds, Tenders and Calls;

Project development;

Providing support in project supervision and management domains.

Performing financial, capacity, operational, organizational and marketing planning to realize the Internationalization strategies and Business (Go-To-Market) Model;

Designing Value Chain and Customer Experience and

Providing consultancy and business solutions in the realization phase;

Providing consultancy in the implementation of Distribution Channels/Franchising, etc.