With a population of 2 million, Slovenia produced a total of $ 54.17 billion in gross national product in 2020, and imported a total of $ 38.16 billion in 2019. It significantly imports from neighboring countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and China. The leading industries in terms of imports are:

– Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry: $6.88 Billion(18% of total exports)

– Automotive $3.13 B (8.23%)

– Iron, Steel and Metal: $2.77 B (7.3%)

– Electricity, Electronics: $2.55 B (6.72%)

– Machinery: $2.03 B (5.34%)

– Plastics and Rubber: $1.62 B (4.27%)

– Wood and Forest Products: $1.1 B (2.9%)

– Processed Agricultural Products: $0.983 B (2.58%)

– Agriculture and Livestock: $0.854 B (2.25%)

– Mining and Natural Stone: $0.694 B (1.82%)

It is advantageous in terms of ease of doing business (4/5); yet logistics performance increases the need for expert support who knows the market well. One of the most effective ways to enter the Slovenian market, which operates similarly to the European business culture, is face-to-face meetings. In this context, it will be the most effective method to move forward with a Business Partner who knows the Slovenian market and business conduct and has strong relations.


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