Bangladesh offers significant development potential with a population of 163 million and a growth of 2.4% in 2020. In 2020, it produced a total of $ 302.57 billion in gross national product. In 2019, total imports developed at the level of 28.8 billion dollars.


It meets a significant part of its imports from neighboring countries such as China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. The leading industries in terms of imports are:

– Textiles: $8.45 billion (of total imports: 17.60%)

– Pharmaceuticals and Chemistry: $5.55 B (11.57%)

– Processed Agricultural Products: $3.24 B (6.75%)

– Iron, Steel and Metal: $3.10 B (6.46%)

– Machinery: $2.82 B (5.87%)

– Electrical and Electronics: $2.11 B (4.41%)

– Automotive: $1.8 B (3.76%)

– Agriculture and Livestock: $1.45 B (3.04%)

– Plastics and Rubber: $1.38 B (2.88%)

– Apparel: $0.856 B (1.78%)


The most critical issue of the country, whose ease of doing business and logistics performance is challenging, is the ‘open account’ work barrier. It is quite possible to develop your trade with Bangladesh and surrounding countries with reliable Business Partners that can open doors in both market-entry and financial (with off-shore banking) solutions.

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