Nejat Bocnak

Business Partner and Senior Consultant

Nejat Bocnak is Business Partner and Senior Consultant for Novida Strategic Management Services (Turkey) and Novida Investment & Consulting (Montenegro), which got by upon the mission of becoming Trusted Advisor and Companion of Corporations, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Leaders to realize their dreams like exportation, business development and internationalization, financial and investment solutions, strategy/policy/program development, growth, institutionalization, business/digital and cultural transformation, branding, sustainability and creating social impact.

Nejat Bocnak was born in 1965 and has graduated from Economy Department of The School of Economics of Istanbul University and Management Information Systems of Toronto School of Business. Bocnak, during the early years of his professional career, has worked at the Financial Controllership Departments of Osmanlı Bank and Tekstilbank.

Thereafter; upon working as Chief Financial Officer at ICI, Zeneca, AstraZeneca, Syngenta for 12 years, he has become the Deputy General Manager responsible from Finance, Administration and Human Resources at ITD serving for the geographies of Turkey, Poland, Romania and Dubai during 3 years.

He has carried over the roles of Finance Directorate, Strategy and Business Development Directorate, and Deputy General Management for 11 years in the geographies of Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Georgia for the Affiliates of Kürüm Holding, which mainly had manufacturing activities.

Since 2017, Bocnak continues consultancy activities focusing on efficiency and sustainability in financial, tax, budgeting and planning, insurance, auditing, digital transformation, ERP implementation and development, and business development domains covering the geographies of Turkey, Georgia, Montenegro and Cosova.

Nejat Bocnak holds License for Independent Auditing and Financial Advisory; as well as Independent Legal Accountant Specialization Certificate and SEGEM Technical Personnel Sufficiency Certificates.

Nejat Bocnak is married and has two sons; and speaks English.