Kaan Şenol

Consultant and Trainer

Kaan Şenol is Consultant and Trainer for Novida Strategic Management Services (Turkey) and Novida Investment & Consulting (Montenegro), which got by upon the mission of becoming Trusted Advisor and Companion of Corporations, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Leaders to realize their dreams like exportation, business development and internationalization, financial and investment solutions, strategy/policy/program development, growth, institutionalization, business/digital and cultural transformation, branding, sustainability and creating social impact.

Graduating from Tekirdağ Anatolian Highschool and Yıldız Technical University with a degree of BSc Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Kaan has completed his Master degree in London City College under Master in Shipping Management. He is also One Star Certified Member of The Academy of Digital Business Leaders on Digital Marketing.

His work experience includes Field Engineering in RMK Shipyard, Post Fixtureship in Galbraith’s, Risk Engineering in Anadolu Insurance Co., Ship Brokerage in Çetinkaya Shipping and Sales Management in Wilhelmsen Ship Service.

By 2009, he has established his first start-up Kargoweb.com. He managed to receive a Funding Round in 2013 to his start-up and after a 2-years growth period, he sold his shares and exited from his company. Upon that, he has established two more start-ups, named Wifibox and ManageFunnels, and quit the idea of investing further in a short period of time due to the the product market fit challenge.

He joined the LojiPlatform as a small investor and consultant and worked with the e-commerce customers closely, helped to establish three logistics warehouse personally.

He is running his own Consulting company named Voyoger Consulting and working with entrepreneurs, investors and incubators. Also his Digital Media Marketing Company, FBbotFunnels serves English speaking customers on Sales Funnel Creation. Moreover, he is serving as FasterCapital’s Istanbul Regional Partner.

Among his specialties, we can count; consultation on establishing a startup, equity dividing and investment, preparing CAP Tables with Waterfall Analysis, preparing convertible note (SAFE) in early-stage investment, consultation on Term-Sheet clauses, preparing a Marketing Plan and Financial Tables for start-ups and scaling up start-ups with Lean Analytics methodology.

He aims at robust and effective development of entrepreneurship, mentorship and investment ecosystems with the Ready2…Programs developed in cooperation with Novida.

Kaan Şenol has advanced level of English command and intermediate level of Serbian/Montenegrin.