İpek Özer Yılmaz

Consultant, Trainer, Sales and Management Coach

İpek Özer Yılmaz is Consultant, Trainer, Sales and Management Coach for Novida Strategic Management Services (Turkey) and Novida Investment & Consulting (Montenegro), which got by upon the mission of becoming Trusted Advisor and Companion of Corporations, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Leaders to realize their dreams like exportation, business development and internationalization, financial and investment solutions, strategy/policy/program development, growth, institutionalization, business/digital and cultural transformation, branding, sustainability and creating social impact.

İpek Ö. Yılmaz, was born in 1981 in Ankara. He has completed BA degree in International Trade Department of Bosphorus University in 2003; and MSc degree in International Economy and Business Administration Department of Groningen University in 2004.

She has started her professional career as Consultant in a multinational consultany company doing global procurement. Thereafter, she has moved to Sales field in Fast Moving Goods Industry (FMCG) and throughout her 15 years of corporate life, she has fulfilled managerial and leadership roles at different domains of sales and marketing.

At the last year of her corporate career, she has turned her focus into her own entrepreneurial initiatives and established her own digital publishing company. In the following 2 (two) years, she has established 2 (two) more initiatives.

During the same years, she has decided to gain deeper insight in coaching with the purpose of creating positive impact on people she touches. She completed coaching training provided by CTI (Coaches Training Institute), accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation). İpek Özer is the Founder of İpek Özer Coaching. Besides coaching, she has gained experience in sales trainings and management consultancy; and continues delivering trainings, consultancy and coaching services.

İpek Özer Yılmaz, has good level of English and Spanish command; is married and has one daughter.