Investment Opportunities: Projects & Properties

  • Great Place to Be: quality of life, security & stability, popular destination, good weather, …
  • Great Place to Invest: Golden Visa (GV) Program, promising economy, growing tourism, booming real estate…
  • GV: A simple path to obtaining the 6th strongest passport in the world (right to travel without visa in 26 Schengen countries)
  • 5-Year Investment-based Residency Program for Non-EU nationals
  • Right to reside, work & study in Portugal
  • Access to GV Program by investing € 350,000.- (will remain in its current form until Jan 2022)
  • Beneficiary’s rights admissible to Spouse, Dependent Children & Parents
  • Minimum Stay Requirement: 7 days/year

Investment Options Offered: Fund & Real Estate

  • Established 5 years ago by 3 Founding Chefs, our Client already delivered innovative catering services in more than 30 projects, in 16 different countries and 18 cities across the world.
  • They served more than 200,000.- people in variety of Public, Defense and Private industries and more than 100 Clients, for Official and Diplomatic Events.
  • The Company aims at:

1. Expanding in Europe, by opening-up a Fine Dine Restaurant in Italy or Spain, leveraging its Kitchen for Catering services targeting Fairs and Organizations across Europe.

2. Growing in global markets by serving the Fair Participating Companies.

  • Strategic Partnership &/or Investment sought approx. € 2 Million

The Company has as well established a new brand in Hemp Seed Healthy Snacks, which is seeking fund between € 200-1,000.- thousand, which may become a part of the total deal.

The first brand in Turkey to transform hemp seeds into healthy snacks.
It was developed with the promise of providing consumers with healthy and delicious snack alternatives.
It opens the door to a new idea with healthy snacks produced from hemp seeds.
By using hemp raw materials, it contributes to the awareness of the society in this regard.
It is also assertive about the flavors it offers.
All products are sugar-free, vegan, ketogenic and gluten-free.
There are 64 grams of protein in 100 grams of hemp raw material, which is on the ‘Super Food’ list. Nutritional values ​​are very rich.
They can be consumed with different foods and offer sweet and savory alternatives.
More than 20 products that have been researched and developed have been taste-tested by many competent people and received 98% positive feedback.

Land for Sales:

  • 1,588 m2 (2 Plots: 744+844 m2)
  • Strategically Located: attached to KHUH, one of the most advanced & biggest Hospital of the Kingdom
  • Cost of Land: BD 1,150,000.- (approx. € 500,000-)

Residential Complex Project:

  • Designed to be an Award-Winning Complex with Recreational Area: ie. Swimming Pool, Business Center, Gym, Parking (120 cars)
  • Skilfully designed by experienced Real Estate professionals.
  • Construction Cost: approx. BD 4,000,000.- (€ 1,725,000.-)
  • Sales of Flats (total: 100): avg. BD 75,000.- per flat (€ 32,500.-)
  • Target Segments:
  • International players/GCC nationals seeking strategic investment
  • Local clientele seeking to live in posh & educated environment
  • Hospital/academic management, staff, medical staff & students
  • International or local freehold, seeking opening to global markets or looking for permanent residency

Construction Company Profile:

  • 30 years of construction and building industry experience
  • High standard residences, residences, villas, offices, workplaces, etc.
  • It designs buildings and cities in a human-centered manner and with respect to nature, and closely monitors innovations.
  • It cooperates with local, national and international (eg. Netherlands) stakeholders (eg. international authorized firm, architecture and design firm) in order to capture, be a part of & lead the transformation in the building sector.

International Growth Strategy:

  • Looking for land for construction, especially in West Germany, the Netherlands, England (near Manchester)
  • Open to Business Partnerships for villa type residence or high-rise construction projects.
  • Investors are called for the establishment of a modern Production and Distribution Warehouse Center for the distribution of vegetables and fruit, in the immediate vicinity of the neighboring countries of Croatia, Austria and Hungary.
  • The Center will connect Southern Europe with the European Union.
    The location and structural design offers large areas for sale to large customers in the field of industry, trade and commerce.
  • There are existing facilities; developed infrastructure network (access to airports, motorway, freight terminal) in the vicinity and connections to water, gas and electrical network.
  • Available surface is 22 ha.
  • The Investors will be provided with after-sale support.
  • Plot Size: 62,000 m2
  • Building Surfaces: 6,800 m2
  • Agricultural Land & Parks: 55,000 m2comprised of 83 sales units (77 apartments, 6 business premises).
  • Total Investment: € 11,280,054.-
  • Expected Profit: approx. 43%.

30 acres of municipal land, 5 minutes from the center of Podgorica Municipality,

  • Monthly rental fee is cent€ 1.-/m2 (€ 300.- per month for 30 decares).
  • A 30-year contract with the Municipality, based on PPP (Build Operate Transfer) model, is offered.
  • Investment opportunities are offered for one time or in stages.
  • Approval of Zoning Plans suitable for construction on the land, for eg. Restaurant, Fitness Center, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools, Nursery and Children’s Playgrounds, Aqua Park and Boutique Hotel etc. is supported.
  • Investor is supported throughout official tender during the land allocation process.
  • Investment is guaranteed by the contracts to be signed by the Montenegrin Government and the Podgorica Municipality.
    • 5 km from the center of Podgorica, on the main road where the Show-rooms & Construction Markets are located.
    • Housing, Workplace and Hotel Zoned
    • Total Gross Construction Area of ​​5,700 m2 (excl. basement)
    • Construction Permit: Ground Floor + 3 Floors
    • Workplace Area: approximately 1,425-2,400 m2
    • Total Gross Area of ​​Office or Residential Areas: approx. 3,300–4,275 m2
    • License & Infrastructure Fee: approx. € 320,000. It is paid before the building permit.
    • Project Cost: approx. € 3,000,000.-*
    • Project Revenue: approx. € 4,500,000.-

    * With the Guarantee, Business Model & Organization Power of Novida Global‘s Business Partner in Montenegro, the cash need for Total Investment can be minimized.

  • Located in industrial, attractive & accessible Donja Gorica area.
  • Showroom is constructed with high quality materials.
  • Total Land: 1,053 m2
  • Total Area of Showroom: 792 m2
  • Transfer thru Sales Price: € 300,000.-
  • Initially Invested: approx. € 150,000.- for renovation
  • Includes furniture inside & at the warehouse (worth € 50,000.-)
  • Revenue Potential:
  • Sales Price: € 1,600.- per m2
  • Monthly Rental: above € 3,000.- (during Covid-19 period)
  • Total Land: 450 m2
  • Gross Construction Land: 900 m2
  • Basement, Ground Floor + 4 Floors
  • Frontage: 9 m2 to the Street
  • Sales Price: € 320,000.