Novida is,
EBRD BAS (Business Advisory Solutions) Provider.
EU-Funded Inno-4-AgriFood Consultant.
TURQUALITY® Accredited Management Consultant.

Strategy, Policy and Program Solutions

Novida Strategy, Policy and Program Solutions, if you would like to Develop and Actualize Agile Strategies, Business Models, Policies and Programs:

Strategic analyses

Development of market-oriented and agile strategies with the purpose of realization of objectives and targets of Corporations and organizations, development of ecosystems, creating competitive advantage, jumping in league, or shifting scale, scope or direction

Clarification of strategic direction and roadmap (planning)

Development and alignment of strategic plans corporate-wide and on Strategic Business Units (SBU) basis

Deployment and realization of strategies

Alignment of Strategic Direction with Ecosystem/Market facts, as well as organizational, operational and cultural realities

Realization of cultural transformation through Novhow Strategic and Transformational Leadership and Agility Culture.

Designing and realization of the most feasible and suitable Business (Go-To-Market) Model thoroughly, that would support corporations and businesses provide their programs, products, services and solutions to their target ecosystems/stakeholders/customers in an effective, profitable and sustainable manner; create more impact, earn money and grow.

Development of to-the-point, competitive, agile and effective Product, Export and Market Entry Strategies, Business (Go-To-Market) Models, Incentives Roadmap and Action Planning, based on ‘solid’ industry and product-based intelligence and insight, not available elsewhere

Development of insight as to digital economy and industrial applications
Generation of novel digital solutions for company offerings
Devising smart and agile Strategies and Business (Go-To-Market) Models
Getting ready for digital transformation & SAP integration, if applicable.

Performing Societal, Political, Industrial, Economic, etc. Analyses

Performing Value Chain, Ecosystem Analyses

Performing Workshops, Focus Groups, Field Studies and Researches

Development of Policies and Frameworks

Creation of Societal Impact

Performing Ecosystem/Market Analyses

Performing Workshops, Focus Groups, Field Studies and Researches

Designing Programs

Establishment and Management of Program Management Office (PMO)

Program coordination and management

Realization of Programs/Projects