Refik Erdal Tanıl

Investment and Business/Management Consultant

Erdal Tanıl, is Investment and Business/Management Consultant for Novida Strategic Management Services (Turkey) and Novida Investment & Consulting (Montenegro), which got by upon the mission of becoming Trusted Advisor and Companion of Corporations, Companies, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Leaders to realize their dreams like exportation, business development and internationalization, financial and investment solutions, strategy/policy/program development, growth, institutionalization, business/digital and cultural transformation, branding, sustainability and creating social impact.

Erdal has established an investment advisory services providing Company in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany since 2016. He as well provides services in setting up companies, accounting keeping and consultancy through Representative Offices in each of those countries and does provide reporting services to shareholders of Enterprises in Turkey through İtimat Global.

Tanıl is a graduate of Kadıköy Maarif College and Bosphorus University, Industrial Engineering Department consecutively. In 1989, he completed studies in Istanbul University, Department of International Management in English.

Erdal started his professional career in 1989 at Roche Müstahzarları Corp. Between 1994 and 2008, he performed the role of General Management at Atlas Zımpara (Emery) and Atlas On-Line companies belonging to the same group. Since 2008, he is providing Investment and Management consultancy services in Turkey (Istanbul and Çanakkale) and Europe (Holland, Germany, Belgium).

Erdal Tanıl has an advanced level of English; he is married and has one daughter.