Novida is,
EBRD BAS (Business Advisory Solutions) Provider.
EU-Funded Inno-4-AgriFood Consultant.
TURQUALITY® Accredited Management Consultant.

Innovation Solutions

Now New & Effective Things Are Rewarded!!

Dream2Live® Design-Inno, Dream2Digital® and Novida 5-Steps Innovation Solutions and Ready2 Programs, if you would like to Generate Creative Innovative Things/Concepts (Product, Service, Process, Experience, Business Model, Strategic Choices, Space, Event, Meeting, etc.) and Realize Them; Make Innovation a Habit and Institutionalize Culture of Innovation:

Generating new and effective things,

Ideas that are rewarded or innovative strategic choices;

Producing smart solutions to challenges and problems;

Exploiting opportunities;

Developing different and new things/concepts.


Exchange of vision and experience by local/global Experts who are actually involved and impactful in the digitalization agenda and trends;

Discussion on examples, inferences, key success factors that can be transferred from the industries and companies who actually realized the digital transformation to the Organization and Solution-Providers;

Generation of smart solutions to Market and Customers; new and effective things, ideas, concepts, products, services and applications to support the digital transformation of the Organization via Dream2Live® Design-Inno Workshops.

Enhancing creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship in the organization;

Increasing employee engagement;

Nurturing innovation with external ecosystem;

Realizing transformation through all organizational reflexes, behaviour and systems, supporting adoption of culture of innovation.

Design, development and realization of Programs with partnerships (eg. Individuals, Private Sector, Public Institutions, Investors, NGOs, Academy, etc.) to support growth of micro and macro economies, reinforcement of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors as part of an ecosystem;

Deployment of intrapreneurship;

Development of partnerships and networks;

Development of investment-ready environment and mechanisms;

Thus, provision of innovative products and services, digital solutions.