İlke Seza Babaoğlu

Member of Advisory Board

İlke Seza Babaoğlu is a Member of Advisory Board for Novida Global Turkey and Montenegro, which got by upon the mission of becoming trusted and effective Solution Provider for businesses to realize their dreams and goals such as Business Development, Transformation, Integration and/or Growth.

Upon completing TED College Primary School and Kadıköy Anatolia High School, Seza Babaoğlu has graduated from Electronics and Informatics Engineering Department of İstanbul Technical University in 1989, by specializing in Semiconductor Electronics.

High Technology (Hi-Tech) has always been a special area of interest for Seza Babaoğlu since his early childhood; in the upcoming years he could find the chances of experiencing and deepening his area of interest in professional life as well. After executing the roles of Product and Marketing Management for 5 years at Karma Computer, one of pioneering technology companies in Turkey; he has joined Hewlett-Packard (HP) Turkey Organization as Dealer and Distributor Channels Manager. Assuming various roles at HP, Seza Babaoğlu worked at European Marketing Center in Germany and in the Headquarters of Hewlett Packard in the USA based in Silicon Valley, California, between 1999 and 2003; assuming the role within the “” Organization, where he worked in the development of Internet sales channels of HP, a newly emerging business domain then.

Returning to Turkey in 2003, Seza Babaoğlu, worked as Printing and Peripherals Group Marketing Manager at HP Turkey Organization until 2005. He then transitioned back to multinational arena at Professional Digital Printing Group of HP to work as Technical Sales Specialist in the field of Indigo printing systems, a highly novel technology for the period; succeeded by the role of Regional Management. Either due to the Region he used to work comprising of Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa having the nature of developing economies ; or the products he respresented being emerging technologies; he has gained deep expertise in developing economies.

Following those roles, Seza developed new businesses and realized the transformation of traditional printing businesses into digital initially in European Marketing Center of HP Graphics Systems headquartered in Spain between 2012 and 2016; and then in the USA within Large and Strategic Accounts Team between 2016 and 2019. The companies he used to work with has generally been global Internet sales firms and the other large traditional printing companies who would like to transition from traditional printing to digital printing systems primarily functioning in packaging and publishing space.

Seza Babaoğlu, before moving to international organizations of HP again, carried over the General Management role of Infomag Publishing Corp. and initiated the digital transformation of the Company. Being married and having a daughter, Seza is currently residing in USA with his family; and actually studying and providing advisory and consultancy services on “Industry 4.0” and “Additive Manufacturing (3D Manufacturing)” domains.