• Established 5 years ago by 3 Founding Chefs, our Client already delivered innovative catering services in more than 30 projects, in 16 different countries and 18 cities across the world.
  • They served more than 200,000.- people in variety of Public, Defense and Private industries and more than 100 Clients, for Official and Diplomatic Events.
  • The Company aims at:

1. Expanding in Europe, by opening-up a Fine Dine Restaurant in Italy or Spain, leveraging its Kitchen for Catering services targeting Fairs and Organizations across Europe.

2. Growing in global markets by serving the Fair Participating Companies.

  • Strategic Partnership &/or Investment sought approx. € 2 Million

The Company has as well established a new brand in Hemp Seed Healthy Snacks, which is seeking fund between € 200-1,000.- thousand, which may become a part of the total deal.