Novida is,
EBRD BAS (Business Advisory Solutions) Provider.
EU-Funded Inno-4-AgriFood Consultant.
TURQUALITY® Accredited Management Consultant.

Business Transformation Solutions

Novida 5-Steps Transformation Solutions and NovHow Cultural Transformation Programs, if you would like to Increase/Accelerate Return-on-Your Investments; Align Your Strategic Direction with Market Realities, Operations, Organization and Culture; Manage Your Business More Professionally; Enhance Your Customer Experience; Become More Fluid, Agile, Efficient and Productive; Produce More Effective Business Results; Become a Brand; Simply Increase Your Capacity By All Means and Achieve a Sustainable Growth:


Alignment of business, capacities and capabilities of organizations with the Go-To-Market Strategies
Get ready for transformation of businesses in an agile and effective manner

Realization of professional management and Institutionalization transformation of the Enterprise, to enable its sustainable and robust growth;

By using Design Thinking and Systems perspectives and Agility principles, from market-to organization, throughout the end-to-end operations (Value Chain).

Development, updating of brand principles and strategies, brand portfolio and approaches towards targeted market and audience;

Realization of corporate transformation to increase the brand recognition and value.

Establishment of relations between management, execution and stakeholders to support the strategic direction and goals of the organization;

Setting up robust representation, authorization, decision systems;

Enabling a market-oriented, agile, efficient and productive organizational structuring.

Development of insight as to digital economy and industrial applications
Generation of novel digital solutions for company offerings
Devising smart and agile Strategies and Business (Go-To-Market) Models
Getting ready for digital transformation & SAP integration, if applicable.

Identification of Digital Transformation opportunities in domains like Market and Customer interaction, Strategies, Customer Experience, Business (Go-To-Market) Model, Products, Services and Solutions, Operations (Value Chain), People Management, taking Industry x.0 and future trends into consideration;

Identification of Dream2Digital Digital Strategies and realization of Digital Transformation.

Elevating Customer and Partner experience of the organization,

Increasing satisfaction and engagement of Customers and Partners,

Turning relations into a win-win case.

Development and realization of strategies and plans that would elevate organizational competencies in generating new business, developing opportunities, winning new customers, deepening in existing customers, developing partnerships, integrated and smart marketing (Marketing x.0) and communication, etc.

Elevating organization’s sales competencies to support its strategies and Business (Go-To-Market) Model;

Bringing the organization’s story, offerings and competencies together with its users

By utilizing all channels effectively, and

By dealing with sales in conjunction with its connections like business development, marketing and communication, product management, customer relations, partner relations, channel management and services, in light of the realities of traditional and digital worlds.

Rendering Operations fluid, agile and efficient throughtout the Value Chain end-to-end, by engaging Digital and Business Solutions;

Aligning Business and IT (BITA);

Institutionalizing culture of execution

Performing Due Diligence;

End-to-end management of Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Programs (PMO) and Integration

Novida provides all its solutions in the Portfolio, for variety of Industries and Domains, eg. ICT, Telecomm, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Services, Energy, Tourism, Textile, Printing, Security Technologies, FMCG, Retail, AgriFood, Automotive, Mining, Machinery, Manufacturing, etc.)

Developing common purpose, language and competencies as a team of leaders;

Co-designing and co-implementing future of the organization for a sustainable success, through applied ‘Co-Growth and Transformation’ Programs designed with the Principles of Active Learning, Design Thinking and Agility;

Increasing engagement, performance and productivity of teams;

Developing Leadership and Talent capacity;

Uncovering potential inside,

Realization of cultural transformation.