Agriculture & Food

  • Established 5 years ago by 3 Founding Chefs, our Client already delivered innovative catering services in more than 30 projects, in 16 different countries and 18 cities across the world.
  • They served more than 200,000.- people in variety of Public, Defense and Private industries and more than 100 Clients, for Official and Diplomatic Events.
  • The Company aims at:

1. Expanding in Europe, by opening-up a Fine Dine Restaurant in Italy or Spain, leveraging its Kitchen for Catering services targeting Fairs and Organizations across Europe.

2. Growing in global markets by serving the Fair Participating Companies.

  • Strategic Partnership &/or Investment sought approx. € 2 Million

The Company has as well established a new brand in Hemp Seed Healthy Snacks, which is seeking fund between € 200-1,000.- thousand, which may become a part of the total deal.

The first brand in Turkey to transform hemp seeds into healthy snacks.
It was developed with the promise of providing consumers with healthy and delicious snack alternatives.
It opens the door to a new idea with healthy snacks produced from hemp seeds.
By using hemp raw materials, it contributes to the awareness of the society in this regard.
It is also assertive about the flavors it offers.
All products are sugar-free, vegan, ketogenic and gluten-free.
There are 64 grams of protein in 100 grams of hemp raw material, which is on the ‘Super Food’ list. Nutritional values ​​are very rich.
They can be consumed with different foods and offer sweet and savory alternatives.
More than 20 products that have been researched and developed have been taste-tested by many competent people and received 98% positive feedback.

It was established in 2001 in Antakya Organized Industrial Zone located on the Amik Plain.
It has a modern facility established on an area of ​​40.000 m2, 20.000 m2 of which is closed.
It produces foods that respect nature, are suitable for human health and appeal to the palate.
Production is carried out by processing the agricultural crops grown in Amik Plain and Çukurova, which are the most fertile plains of Turkey in terms of agriculture with its sun and ecological diversity.
It has modern technology, laboratories and equipment that balances the climate and soil characteristics with the high aromatic value.
It has the capacity to produce a wide variety of food products.
In addition to all kinds of packaging (glass, tin, pet, etc.) and branded local productions, Private Label / Contract or Prescription productions requested from national and international markets are also made.